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Fire System Jockey Pumps

Automatic fire pump systems normally utilize two pumps. One is the main fire pump which delivers large volumes of water to the fire standpipe system in case of fire. The other is a low flow, high head jockey pump which keeps the system pressurized during normal non-fire conditions. Since the activation of the large flow main fire pump is triggered by a system pressure drop, it is very important to maintain system pressure since even normal plumbing leaks allow the system pressure to bleed down over a period of time. When the system pressure drops to a preset level, the jockey pump starts and charges the system back to normal pressure. In case of fire, sprinkler heads open and fire hose connections are utilized causing a rapid system pressure drop over and above what the jockey pump is capable of supplying. When the lower pressure limit of the main fire pump is reached, it starts up and provides the needed high flow for fire suppression. The majority of the MTH regenerative turbine standard product line is used in fire system jockey pump service, depending upon system size.

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